Max Buch


A family-run printing company that supplies branded clothing with a suite of customisation options.

The brand required a whole new look and feel that embodied the energy, passion and excellence that makes their business thrive. We wanted to express the company’s character and articulate the service offering in way that resonates and engages with customers.

The mission

To become the UK’s leading supplier of promotional clothing by thinking differently and offering true value.


To create a solid brand base that best reflects the companies ethos.


Brand identity

Insert brand identity story here...

To think differently, offer true value and share in the success we help our customers achieve.





A strong, clean and concise marque. Easy on the eye, legible, loud and proud. The font’s curved edges create a friendly vibe, whilst the weight reflects the brand’s standing in the marketplace. The logo is the primary element of our identity.

Work created with Aitch-C. Illustrations created by Heather Rooney.