Max Buch

KGM is an underwriting business whose aim is to be the most sophisticated wholesaling Intermediary in the UK, offering market leading products competitive pricing and an outstanding claims service.


The objective was to define and develop a seperate insurance brand for KGM that would sell van, home, car and bike insurance; a brand that could stand out from the crowd for being innovative, inclusive and engaging.


Brand identity

A new name was created to convey this sentiment: snnug. The design challenge was to create an equally unique and distinct aesthetic; to establish a brand that is positive, quirky and characterful.

“Simple, positive, efficient, vibrant and enthusiastic”


The snnug marque, a cheeky and rounded logo that exudes confidence and friendliness. The eyebrows were crafted to give the brand a sense of identity, acting as a mascot and the face of the brand. With the addition of an exuberant red and a warm white creates a positive energy.



A littlebook was created for the client to create engagement with the brand. The book serves as a reminder to the company of their core principles and gives them a sense of identity.



A strong, clean and concise marque. Easy on the eye, legible, loud and proud. The font’s curved edges create a friendly vibe, whilst the weight reflects the brand’s standing in the marketplace. The logo is the primary element of our identity.

Work created with Aitch-C